16 September 2011

Draft Zero

Four weeks ago I started writing the rough draft of my new book. It's the first in a 6-book arc that I'm calling Etudes in C#. Well, today I finished draft zero of "Technical Difficulties". It came in short on words (just under 60k), but the basic story is there. And that's what matters.

Everything I write teaches me something. There have been several lessons with this one, but the biggest, most prominent truth I've learned on this one? TELL THE DAMN STORY! I usually have a horrible time getting a rough draft out into the world because it's hard to give up editorial control in the name of telling a story. I have a hard time allowing myself to suck.

Right now, though, the zero draft is done. It's not pretty. It's got a few thin places, it's got some glitches and kinks...but it's done. I told the story.

Story is king.

And now, I'm going to enjoy some Dr. Who and dark chocolate to celebrate.


Kelsey said...

Whoo hoo! Celebrating with you! It's such a great feeling when you finish a draft, no matter how many words.


lejonprime said...

woot. Now, the fun part... um... editing...

It is likely that your draft will get much larger.

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