08 September 2011

Dry Ice - Micro Flash Fic

So, Chuck Wendig is at it again. This time, though, he's changed the game. Instead of 1000 words to tell a story, you get 10% of that. To craft a story about revenge.


So, I have this idea and it won't sit in a 100 word box...so maybe another time I'll write the whole thing. But, I do have this. I hope you enjoy this little bit of microflash.

Dry Ice
by Jamie Wyman

The fucker killed my son. I thought I wanted Carl Jameson to die in a fire, to rot in Hell and feel the same pain I felt when my baby left the earth. When I heard he needed a kidney, though, I realized I could do worse than kill him. I could save him. And he’d have to thank me every day for the rest of his goddamn life. No, I won’t just let him die peacefully in a drug-induced coma. My revenge will be served on dry ice. Take it. I’ve got nothing left to live for. 


lejonprime said...

Here, I've done it in 99. Hope you like.

The silver chain sat loose on her neck. Only time would tell if I'd chosen the right tool for the right girl. She lay there motionless. I looked back to the chain again. The jeweler must have been a genius as well as a sorcerer. Daybreak would come soon, and then I'd know for sure. I'd know if I'd rid the world of a demon or killed an innocent. I felt more for her now than last night. Silver tendrils of smoke rose from her skin as dawn broke her: A demon after all. I hate what I've become.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, great job.

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