10 February 2012

Say Hello, Too, My Little Friend

Hey! You! With the face! So, this week my blog traffic has been through the roof. There are comments and stuff on a couple of entries to prove it. A few of you have started following me on Twitter and a brave number have actually gone to my contact page and sent me an email. I've even watched the follower tally down there and to the right tick up by one! I have to say, too. The comments I've gotten, specifically the private emails, this past week have touched me. Seriously, woman, you made me cry and I find you to be a stellar person. Basically, I like knowing that something I've said meant a damn to someone outside of my head. And that doesn't mean that you liked it, but if you disagreed, too...it meant something.

But the thing is, love... well, I'm the only one who knows that. My stats counter shows me that you've stopped by and that's fantastic. I'm glad we've had this time together. But, I'd like to take our relationship to the next level.

What I'm trying to say, dear readers, is that you're too quiet.

This blog isn't just me yelling into a hole, it's a place where we can have a conversation. All of us. Bounce ideas around, have a laugh or two. Unlike some other websites out there, this isn't meant to be a one-way thing.    I know there are some of you that are regular readers but you don't "follow" the blog officially with that little tab to the right. I know some of you are lurkers or family and friends from real life. And that's awesome, but why not talk a bit? Say hello!

You! The user in Australia who's been hanging around this week? What's your name? What brought you here? You! The brave soul using Internet Explorer. Friends from the UK and frequent fliers from Russia. You sick puppies in the states searching for me by my full name... say hello! Let's talk.

So here's what we're going to do. If you're a regular reader (or even if you're not and you've just come across this post) SAY HELLO! Pop down to the comments and introduce yourself. Where are you from? What brings you by? What keeps you lurking? Can I stalk you back?

The fact of the matter is that sometimes when I'm posting randomness and waxing poetical about strange accents, I get a nod or a comment or a random email that lets me know I'm not alone here on this series of tubes. That means a lot to me. I'd like to thank you properly. I'd like to return the favor sometime.

It's Friday. Let's turn my comments section into something resembling a mosh-pit only with a lot more laughter and love. And fewer spiked collars. (I don't judge, I'm just sayin' they hurt when you bounce around.) IF you're one of those people who's a bit shy and would rather not dive right into the comments, go on up to "contact" and shoot me an email, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

Let's have some fun. Together.



Cheryl said...

Long time reader, first time writer... oh wait, you're not Dr Horrible... You already know me... I have a plethora of blogs, one for different reasons, like my etsy store blog (simplysanitycreations.blogspot.com), my homeschool blog (anotherbrickinherwall.blogspot.com), my bloop (which I will not link, as it's my outlet for whine), and my personal blog (malkaviansanity.wordpress.com) ...

I come from the FB links, because I like your wit

Jennifer Campbell said...

Hi! Obviously, my name is Jen. My friends call me Holey. I enjoy reading your blog because your thoughts are very comfortable in my grey matter. They are like the friends that walk into your house without knocking on the door, stop by the fridge to grab a Pepsi and then flop themselves on the couch and play video games.
I love that.

Ang said...

Hi! I'm not really a person, I'm a fish. An attack fish at that. We may or may not know each other, I refuse to comment on that. But I tend to read your blog and other things and I like to make annoying comments like "hi :)" that make you wince and shudder as though you've been struck by a smooth criminal. :)

Karen Dawson said...

Karen here. I read your blog because I love it when other people are as obsessed about using the proper word for something and using correct punctuation(except in brief comments like this). Also, you don't scream when I pun, or take my serious pose to seriously. By the way-I made up a new word last night - "snarcastic". Definition: The act of being both snarky and sarcastic at the same time.

Of COURSE you can stalk me at the same time....
Mostly photos so far, but I plan on writing about why I shoot what I do, and what the photography eye that takes over my brain feels like. I just atarted blogging, so it's a little lonely still.

Another reason I follow you is the fire. I'm all about fire.

Miss Rose Rose said...

I think you already know me (sort of), but I thought I'd take the opportunity to comment that I love your use of "boomdeyada" as a tag. I haven't sung that song since elementary-school singalongs, but the phrase remains evocative. :)

Marisa said...

Hi. I read because you are Ohana and because your ramblings are thoughtful and entertaining. Do you realize we met like, 9 years ago? Long relationship for imaginary friends.
Love you!

Alyssa said...

Hey there!

I'm a lurker and intrepid IE user who comes here from the FB links. I'm happy to know you in real life (and I wish we hung out, like, ever,) and I come here because you think smart, interesting thoughts that you then express with words. Good words. Like a writer. And I think we writers should stick together. Also I'm totally excited about the day when I know I'm going to be able to say I'm friends with a published author. Go Team Jamie!

You can stalk me on the Twitters or on FB (which you do, thanks!) or back at my blog, where I admittedly don't post much and neither does anyone else. It's quiet there. Like a library.

Melissa said...

I'm reading, even when I don't comment. I should comment more often though--you always write entertaining and/or thought provoking stuff. But you won't know that I think that, unless I speak up. Oops.

My blog is over at http://tangibledaydreams.blogspot.com/

The Filthy Russian said...

You and I go way back, like Rhoades Hall way back. Yet, I am only getting around to reading your immense blog (follow the link to mine and you'll see it's relative; it's new, I should add). You're ever evolving and working at such a pace to which I can only hope to replicate. One day our work will share the same shelf, albeit across the alphabetical chasm between our names.

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