20 July 2012

My People

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I don't know what to say. I mean, there are words careening through my head. Some of them are cool and rational while others are fiery. I didn't know anyone in that theater in Aurora, Colorado today. But I might have.

Someone walked into a theater full of geeks and opened fire.

My people.

That was heinous. Dispicable. Sick. I am angry and sad beyond coherence about what happened today. Innocent people just out to see the final installment in a beloved franchise, people out to have a good time with friends and family were shot and killed. Some were wounded but will have to live their lives with nightmares. Those that were uninjured don't leave this unharmed. Everyone there will carry a scar of some kind.

Families have lost sons and daughters. Friends and strangers are left wondering WHY?

This wasn't right. What happened today at the hands of one man was a true tragedy.

But what really has my blood boiling and my stomach in knots right now? The people in positions of power or influence--politicians and journalists--who are already using this pimp their own agendas.

I will not link to their comments here nor will I paraphrase. Sadly, I don't need to because their voices are rising above the others right now. I will not sully my space here with their bullshit.

The message I want you to hear is love.

Come together. Hug your friends. Go to a movie. Walk in a crowded mall. Do not be afraid. Do not give in to arguing or passing blame. ONE MAN did this for his own reasons and we may never know them. This was not a political stunt or an attack on a specific religion. This was a single, sick person on a shooting spree.  To postulate otherwise is blind, fear-mongering speculation at best and egocentric bullshit at worst that tarnishes the tragedy people are going through right now.


Not your political party or your church or companies.


People were shot and killed. People lost loved ones. People have to pick up the pieces.

These were geeks. These were my people.

We are all better than this. We are all above the petty shit hitting the airwaves.

Be those people. Be kind. Forget agendas and remember people.



Jamie Wyman said...

From my friend Jeff's Facebook: Angry rant mode on. There may be some foul language...consider yourself warned.

Attention maniacs with guns and bombs:

I'm a big target. I'm 6'5". You can definitely stop me with a bullet.

But you cannot stop me with fear. I will walk into the churches of this nation and will not fear you. I will ride elevators to the top of skyscrapers in New York, walk the sidewalks next to the Pentagon, I will go to crowded malls. I'll fill up my tank at a beltway gas station. I will go to my job. I'll go to Fort Hood if my country asks me to. I will fly on airplanes. I will walk the corridors of high schools in Colorado and of Virginia Tech university. I will go to federal offices in Oklahoma City. I'll listen to my Congresswoman give a speech at a grocery store. And tomorrow, I'm going to sit down in a theater and watch Batman, just as I planned. If you want to stop me, you're going to need more than fear.


Because fuck you, that's why.

Jamie Wyman said...

From my friend Jeremy's Facebook:
I've commented in others discussing, boldly, bravely, and brilliantly in the wake of a tragedy, their feelings about fear, the following:

Gandhi once said something about those who opposed him: "They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me, then they will have my dead body. NOT MY OBEDIENCE!"

Well, substitute obedience for fear. I'm not living that way. And I'm not claiming I'm going to give you a fight first, before I'm killed. I might, I might not. But I'll know that at least, while I was here, I got to truly live, by doing so with an open heart, and without fear, and love for my fellow man.

Jamie Wyman said...

How you can help: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/20/aurora-theater-colorado-shooting_n_1690093.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false

Cheryl said...

Indeed... And this wasn't about the movie, it could have been ANY social gathering. This was ONE sick individual, and right now, we need to come together AS PEOPLE. *hugs*

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