27 August 2012

Today's Muse

For a writer and audiophile, I can also be a very visual person. When I'm working on a piece, I often cast the characters with known actors. Sometimes it's just for their voice--so in my head it reads like an audio play--but other times I have a full movie in my mind. I'll go looking for pictures that capture a character or a line.

Sometimes I need pictures of settings.

Sometimes my muse is aural and lives in a song or sound.

Today I started working on a short story that has nothing to do with trickster gods or technomancy. There was the usual struggle with the beginning. The story fought with me a bit and for a few hours the only things we agreed upon were its setting (a hospice) and the fact that the male lead looks like a particularly nummy actor. I've already got a few pictures of him in my casting files, so I went through them, certain that I have a picture that fits this character.

Found it.

Today, this picture has been my muse.

Thank you, Mr. Hiddleston, for being so right for this role. 


Ethan Kincaid said...

Me gusta. I want to lick him. :3

Jamie Wyman said...

Ethan: Yeah, I admit that while I'm struck by the heart-breaking beauty of this picture I still want to lick him.

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