About Me

"Self-deprecation. Making me funny since 1980." -me

photo by Eric Fiallos
So, hi... I'm Jamie. I'm an Aries, born the year of the Monkey in Indianapolis. Lived there for most of my life. I was a total band dork in high school (Go Marching Giants!) and that carried into college. At Indiana State University I studied Music Education, then realized that teaching just wasn't something I could sustain. So, I switched to Composition and Music Theory. ISU and I parted ways after I'd put in my four years. Didn't graduate with a diploma, but I did get a comfy t-shirt. 

Moving on... uh, let's see...a few years in there where nothing happened. Waitressing, blah blah blah and THEN in 2004, lots of stuff happened. First of all, I auditioned for the Blue Man Group. Yeah, not for their back up band, to be an actual Blue Man. That was fun. Then, a few months later, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona. 

Since then, I've been a mother, wife, fire performer, producer/script writer/music director for a performance troupe... not always in that order. 

I'm an avid gamer. I love things like Apples 2 Apples (preferably late at night and involving a margarita), Thunderstone, D and D, Pandemic (oh, I loves me some Pandemic), Fluxx and Zombie Dice. Also, I've earned my geek stripes by not only having a full dice bag, but I'm pretty bad ass at 6-degrees games (test me). I dig comics. I'm mostly a Marvel girl (I love anything that has to do with the Phoenix, but Warsong does not exist to me. Team Jean Grey, bitches.)  When I'm not being a total dork over games, movies or comics, I'm probably reading or writing. 

Bottom line: I like stories. Always have. Movies and tv shows (like Babylon 5... holy shit!) have taught me as much about storytelling as books. Currently on my favorites lists are Jim Butcher (Dresden Files), Gail Carriger (The Parasol Protectorate), Max Brooks (World War Z), Cherie Priest (Boneshaker) and Charlaine Harris (The Sookie Stackhouse series). I dig Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore and count them among my influences along with movies like the Star Trek Reboot, Joss Whedon's body of work, Beetlejuice and anything by Pixar. Talk about story. My bookshelves are sagging and my to-read pile has started overflowing out of a swag bag from World Fantasy Con.

Overall, while I'm not much more than a stay-at-home mother college drop-out, I feel very blessed to have lived this life. I'm surrounded by awesome people and I think I've been very lucky. I've gotten to live several of my dreams and I'm working on realizing another one. 

Beyond that, I think the only things of import that I've left out: I collect Magic-8-Balls. I am a slave to chai. I love to play with fire and I want more tattoos.

If there's something you want to know about me, just ask. I'm usually quick with an answer. 
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