Free Fiction

Here are links to my unpublished short fiction pieces. As I write and post more to the blog, this list will grow. All of these works are 100% mine and not free for use elsewhere unless given permission by me. If you want to repost something, ask. If not, your soul will be eaten by rabid badgers.

**Note: All of my flash fiction is rough draft. Part of the challenge, to me, is writing something, shaving to meet word count and proofing out any glaring errors then posting for critique. That, to me, is part and parcel with "flash" fiction. Get it on paper and put it out in the world, no fussing over it. So, if we spirits have offended with rough-cut flash, think but this... I can always edit. I hope you enjoy.

"Step Right Up" - Flash fiction, 999 words. March, 2011.

"Eat. Prey. Love." - Flash fiction, 958 words. March, 2011.
*featured in the eBookNewser's "Best Online Fiction Authors" list.

"Woebegone" - Flash Fiction, 999 words. March, 2011. 

"Weird Science" - Flash Fiction, 964 words. March, 2011.

"Captured Soul" - Flash Fiction, 996 words. March, 2011.

"Magpie" - Flash Fiction, 1252 words. May, 2011.

"Ante Up" - Flash Fiction, 997 words. June, 2011.
*chosen by Chuck Wendig as one of his 10 favorites in a flash fic challenge.

"Banning Elizabeth - Introduction" - Character screen test, 848 words. June, 2011.

"The Colt" - Flash Fiction, 985 words. August, 2011

Dry Ice - Micro-flash Fiction, 98 words. September, 2011.

"Stitch and Bitch" - Flash Fiction, 985 words. December, 2011

"A Man of Discerning Character" - Flash Fiction, 999 words. December, 2011

"Belize Navidad" - Flash Fiction, 1000 words. December 2011
*set in the universe of my Etudes in C# series.

"Someone Like You" - Flash Fiction, 990 words. October 2012

"The Dead Doll Dreams" - Flash Fiction, 985 words. October 2012
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